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Eric Bell SlideShow Hi Folk!!, Thanks for your visit and Welcome to the Eric Bell's Official web site.

Music From the last Eric album

Listen to one minute music samples of the last Eric Bell album at the moment, Lonely Nights in London. Interact with "Eric's Guitar" ;P to listen his songs.

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Tour Dates

  • 14th March 2014, At The Strand Cinema - Belfast - Northern Ireland
  • 3rd May 2014, At The Mariner - Bantry - Ireland
  • 30th May 2014, At Rory Gallagher Festival - Bally Shannon - Ireland
  • 26th July 2014, At Bikers Festival - County Kildare - Ireland
  • 12nd December 2014, The Festival Hall, Alderley Edge, Cheshire - U.K.

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